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Santa Barbara Organic Body Treatment – AKA “THE LOCAL”

We are so excited to present this amazing Organic Santa Barbara Body Treatment which uses an incredible organic line of products made locally here in Santa Barbara. “The Local” combines aroma therapy, massage, exfoliation, relaxation, and skin hydration. It starts with a dry brush and lymphatic drainage which is known to combat fatigue, help the immune system, and detoxify the body. Using our amazing, hand selected, sugar scrubs and oils we then exfoliate the skin to help reduce wrinkles and create a smooth surface that leaves your skin feeling clean sleek and soft. To top it off we then massage our amazing premium grade moisturizers into your skin leaving you soft, silky, moisturized, smooth, radiant, healthy, hydrated, and detoxified. What makes this local delicacy so special is that our products are organic, fresh, and locally made. In addition to the exquisite products, our experience, and our techniques have been described as “decadent” and “incredible”. We don’t rush your body treatment service to ensure that you have time to enjoy every sensation. At the Santa Barbara spa we take the time to get the job done right and create a relaxing and safe environment because it’s our belief that true beauty is not just in the result but also in the journey. Contact the Santa Barbara Spa to set an appointment for your Santa Barbara Body Treatment or book your custom spa package online today.


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